To Fiercely Love You

There are certain types of projects we thought we’d never do, and weddings was one of them.

No, not because we are ‘better’ than weddings. Definitely not. We just weren’t/aren’t set up for them. Our rig is big, bulky, the opposite of run and gun. Our style is calm and thoughtfully executed, instead of quick-paced and constantly on the go. We’re bad at capturing everything and better at focusing on some things.

But when family calls, you pick up the phone.

We first met Kylie on the set of our first job years ago, and she’s been part of the Rhetorik family ever since. She’s pulled rabbits out of hats for us as our Key Hair/MUA and she’s made coffee for us on set at 3:00 am. She’s traveleved across the world with us – for way less money than she should have – because she believed in what we were doing. She’s exactly what you want on set and to top it off, she’s a great friend.

She had one request when she called us, and one caveat: REQUEST: Will you shoot my wedding? CAVEAT: I don’t want it to be a ‘wedding video’ – I want you guys to do what you do.

Thank you, Kylie & Coy, for the opportunity to be part of your day forever.

And congratulations.

  • Cole

    Great work!